What is UPVC ?

January 31, 2016

PVC is made by reacting chlorine, carbon, and ethylene (a petrol product).  PVC is one of the oldest and most widely used types of polymers known in the world.

PVC or polyvinyl chloride is a type of plastic material with elastic properties that mades of of black oil, ethylene, salt and chlorine (57% salt and 43% crude oil) which is combined by polymerization of ethylene, chlorine and vinyl chloride.

During this process, the carbon-carbon bond is broken and PVC polymer is formed by connecting vinyl chloride monomers to each other.

What is UPVC ?

The hard type of PVC known as polyvinyl chloride without plastic or UPVC due to the very low absorption of softening materials.

When the uPVC material is used to produce all kinds of double-glazed window profiles, all production steps and standards must be adjusted to ensure that they do not cause any harm or toxicity.

UPVC is a completely safe and non-toxic material as long as it is not burned. Nevertheless, it is necessary to state that the burning of PVC can lead to the release of dioxins into the environment, which are persistent organic pollutants.


Author Jane Doe
2016 January 31st